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RNA Contacts

Pages Posted on: February 25, 2015
Questions on research within individual Research Natural Areas (RNA) should be directed to the appropriate RMRS Regional RNA Coordinator. The coordinators also act as general points contact for their RNAs. RMRS Regional RNA Coordinators Northern Region (R-1) Montana, North Dakota, Northern Idaho, Northwestern South Dakota John Byrne (p 208-883-2363)

Using RNAs

Pages Posted on: February 25, 2015
Types of usage

Research Natural Areas

Pages Posted on: February 25, 2015
The Forest Service Research Natural Areas (RNAs) network protects some of the finest examples of natural ecosystems for the purposes of scientific study and education and for maintenance of biological diversity. These areas represent a wide variety of habitats and ecosystems along elevational gradients from alpine to lowlands; and biogeographic gradients ranging from coniferous forests of the Northern Rockies to semiarid deserts of the southwest and prairie ecosystems of the plains.

Fire history of a western Montana ponderosa pine grassland: A pilot study

Publications Posted on: July 19, 2007
A primary goal in the management of forests and grasslands is to maintain community structure and disturbance processes within their historical range of variation. If, within a managed ecosystem, either is found to lie outside that range, restoration may be necessary.