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Keyword: seedling nutrition

Variation in Nutrient Release of Polymer-Coated Fertilizers

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
Polymer-coated fertilizers (PCF) are used primarily in horticultural plant production. However, interest in using these fertilizers in forest tree nurseries has increased over the last decade. Compared to immediately-available forms of fertilizer and other controlled-release fertilizer types, PCF tend to release nutrients in a relatively consistent flow over time. This helps to improve efficiency of fertilizer use.

Mosaic stunting in bareroot Pinus banksiana seedlings is unrelated to colonization by mycorrhizal fungi

Publications Posted on: September 30, 2014
Mosaic stunting, the occurrence of random patches of chlorotic seedlings with reduced shoot and diameter growth amidst more robust cohorts within bareroot nurseries, is classically associated with poor colonization by mycorrhizal fungi. We examined possible relationships among soil fertility, mycorrhizas, and random patches of mosaic stunting in bareroot Pinus banksiana Lamb. and suggest this paradigm is not universal.