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Keyword: semiarid grassland

Climate variability, carbon, drought and fire, in arid-semi-arid ecosystems

Science Spotlights Posted on: August 01, 2019
Using the best available science and tools, we can project the effects of today’s management actions on tomorrow’s non-forest vegetation assemblage, carbon, and productivity while considering changing climates. 

Chihuahuan Desert grassland responds similarly to fall, spring, and summer fires during prolonged drought

Publications Posted on: March 16, 2015
Land managers frequently use prescribed burning to help maintain grassland communities. Semiarid grassland dynamics following fire are linked to precipitation, with increasing soil moisture accelerating the rate of recovery. Prescribed fires are typically scheduled to follow natural fire regimes, but burning outside the natural fire season could be equally effective and more convenient for managers, depending on their management objectives.

Shared community patterns following experimental fire in a semiarid grassland

Publications Posted on: July 06, 2007
This paper presents a synthesis of experimental research testing effects of seasonal fire on community structure of plants, arthropods, and small mammals in shortgrass steppe. These groups of plants and animals share the same environment, and therefore, the species in the groups were predicted to respond in a similar way to changes in their environment resulting from fire.