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Grasslands, rangelands and beyond: Predicting landscape conditions with ST-Sim

Projects Posted on: July 31, 2019
Rocky Mountain Research Station scientists partnered with a company called Apex Resource Management Solutions (commonly known as “Apex”) to use a software-based ecological simulation tool called ST-Sim, which is short for state-and-transition simulation model. Using computer-aided modeling, land management teams can use ST-Sim to document or justify management actions in forthcoming forest plans and NEPA documentation. ST-Sim allows managers to ask landscape-wide “what-if” questions based on different management regimes and land treatments while estimating interactions with expected climate changes.

State-and-transition simulation model (ST-Sim): Predicting landscape conditions

Tools Posted on: July 16, 2019
How does a land manager make a decision today that will impact landscapes decades into the future? With the uncertain influence of climate change and its associated stressors, it’s an increasingly thorny question.