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Science You Can Use, 2019

Pages Posted on: January 20, 2017
The bimonthly Science You Can Use Bulletin and our new Science You Can Use (in 5 minutes) are USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station publications providing synthesized scientific information for high-priority management needs. These science delivery products synthesize current research conducted by Station scientists and collaborators on hot topics, and deliver key science findings and management implications to people who make and influence decisions about managing land and natural resources.

Hayman Fire case study: Summary [RMRS-GTR-114]

Publications Posted on: September 27, 2007
Historically, wildfires burned Western forests creating and maintaining a variety of forest compositions and structures (Agee 1993). Prior to European settlement lightning along with Native Americans ignited fires routinely across many forested landscapes. After Euro-American settlement, fires continued to be quite common with fires ignited by settlers, railroads, and lightning (Pyne 2001).