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Keyword: symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Effects of water and nitrogen availability on nitrogen contribution by the legume, Lupinus argenteus Pursh

Publications Posted on: December 03, 2009
Nitrogen-fixing species contribute to ecosystem nitrogen budgets, but background resource levels influence nodulation, fixation, and plant growth. We conducted a greenhouse experiment to examine the separate and interacting effects of water and N availability on biomass production, tissue N concentration, nodulation, nodule activity, and rhizodeposition of Lupinus argenteus (Pursh), a legume native to sagebrush steppe.

Contribution of actinorhizal shrubs to site fertility in a northern California mixed pine forest

Publications Posted on: July 06, 2007
Bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata) and mahala mat (Ceanothus prostratus) are common N-fixing shrubs in interior forests of the western United States, yet their contribution to ecosystem N pools is poorly characterized.