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Keyword: systematic sampling

Recursive restriction estimation: an alternative to post-stratification in surveys of land and forest cover

Publications Posted on: September 07, 2010
Numerous government surveys of natural resources use Post-Stratification to improve statistical efficiency, where strata are defined by full-coverage, remotely sensed data and geopolitical boundaries. Recursive Restriction Estimation, which may be considered a special case of the static Kalman filter, is an attractive alternative. It decomposes a complex estimation problem into simple components that are sequentially processed.

Model-assisted estimation of forest resources with generalized additive models

Publications Posted on: July 05, 2007
Multiphase surveys are often conducted in forest inventories, with the goal of estimating forested area and tree characteristics over large regions. This article describes how design-based estimation of such quantities, based on information gathered during ground visits of sampled plots, can be made more precise by incorporating auxiliary information available from remote sensing.