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Comprehensive inventory of true flies (Diptera) at a tropical site

Publications Posted on: April 26, 2018
Estimations of tropical insect diversity generally suffer from lack of known groups or faunas against which extrapolations can be made, and have seriously underestimated the diversity of some taxa.

The importance of data quality for generating reliable distribution models for rare, elusive, and cryptic species

Publications Posted on: June 23, 2017
The availability of spatially referenced environmental data and species occurrence records in online databases enable practitioners to easily generate species distribution models (SDMs) for a broad array of taxa.

Vascular plant species of the Comanche National Grassland in southeastern Colorado

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
This checklist has 785 species and 801 taxa (for taxa, the varieties and subspecies are included in the count) in 90 plant families. The most common plant families are the grasses (Poaceae) and the sunflower family (Asteraceae). Of this total, 513 taxa are definitely known to occur on the Comanche National Grassland.