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Edge-related gradients in microclimate in forest aggregates following structural retention harvests in western Washington

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2018
Aggregated retention is now a common method of regeneration harvest in forest ecosystems managed for both timber and ecological objectives. If residual forest aggregates are to serve as temporary refugia for species sensitive to disturbance or environmental stress, microclimatic conditions must be sufficiently buffered to allow for their persistence.

User's guide to the weather model: a component of the western spruce budworm modeling system.

Publications Posted on: August 01, 2018
A stochastic model useful in simulating daily maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation developed by Bruhn and others has been adapted for use in the western spruce budworm modeling system. This document describes how to use the weather model and illustrates some aspects of its behavior.

RxCADRE 2012: In-situ fire behavior measurements

Datasets Posted on: March 15, 2018
This data publication contains fire behavior package (FBP) data; primarily flame temperature, horizontal and vertical mass flow, fire intensity, as well as ocular rates of spread (ROS), wind speed and direction data from the Prescribed Fire Combustion and Atmospheric Dynamics Research Experiment (RxCADRE) project conducted in November, 2012.

RPA Historical observational data (1979-2015) for the conterminous United States at the 1/24 degree grid scale based on MACA training data (METDATA)

Datasets Posted on: March 15, 2018
This data publication contains a gridded historical (1979-2015) dataset for the conterminous United States that has been summarized to the monthly time scale. This monthly historical dataset was developed using the daily MACA observational data (METDATA), also called MACA Training Data (

National forest climate change maps: your guide to the future

Projects Posted on: April 17, 2017
The National Forest Climate Change Maps project was developed to meet the need of National Forest managers for information on projected climate changes at a scale relevant to decision making processes, including Forest Plans.  The maps use state-of-the-art science and are available for every National Forest in the contiguous United States with relevant data coverage. Currently, the map sets include variables related to precipitation, air temperature, snow (including April 1 snow-water equivalent (SWE) and snow residence time), and stream flow.

Global variability in leaf respiration in relation to climate, plant functional types and leaf traits

Publications Posted on: June 24, 2016
A challenge for the development of terrestrial biosphere models (TBMs) and associated land surface components of Earth system models (ESMs) is improving representation of carbon (C) exchange between terrestrial plants and the atmosphere, and incorporating biological variation arising from diversity in plant functional types (PFTs) and climate (Sitch et al., 2008; Booth et al., 2012; Prentice & Cowling, 2013; Fisher et al., 2014).

Priest River Experimental Forest daily weather data: GHCND:USC00107386 - Priest River Experiment Station, ID US

Datasets Posted on: February 03, 2016
This data package contains daily weather observations from the Priest River Experimental Forest, in Idaho, as reported to the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN). Observations include daily temperature, precipitation, snow fall, and snow depth from 1898 through present.

Can biochar be used as a seed coating to improve native plant germination and growth in arid conditions?

Publications Posted on: October 06, 2015
Direct seeding is a common large-scale restoration practice for revegetating arid and semi-arid lands, but success can be limited by moisture and temperature. Seed coating technologies that use biochar may have the potential to overcome moisture and temperature limitations on native plant germination and growth.

Fraser Experimental Forest Headquarters station hourly temperature data: 1976-2003

Datasets Posted on: August 27, 2015
This data publication contains hourly temperature measured at the Headquarters station of the Fraser Experimental Forest from 1976-2003.

Fort Valley Experimental Forest 30-minute meteorological data: 2003-present

Datasets Posted on: August 27, 2015
This data publication includes precipitation and temperature data summarized every 30 minutes from March 2003 to March 2013 at the Fort Valley Experimental Forest in Arizona. Information on how to access the data collected at this site from as early as 1909 from the Nation Climate Data Center (NCDC) is also included.