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Science You Can Use Bulletin: Climate change, crowd-sourcing, and conserving aquatic biotas in the Rocky Mountains this century

Publications Posted on: March 04, 2015
Climate change is causing rapid changes to stream habitats across the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest as warmer air temperatures and changes in precipitation increase stream temperatures, alter stream hydrology, and increase the extent and magnitude of natural disturbances related to droughts and wildfires.

Effects of water and temperature

Publications Posted on: July 19, 2007
Aspen's geographic and elevational ranges indicate a species that tolerates severe cold but does not tolerate sustained high temperatures, or semiarid or even dry, subhumid conditions. Much can be inferred from observation of the sites on which quaking aspen grows in the West. Aspen's distribution is related to its regeneration characteristics, its pathology, and its relations with other plants.