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Keyword: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Lack of significant changes in the herpetofauna of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, since the 1920s

Publications Posted on: June 21, 2006
We surveyed 88 upland wetlands and 12 1-km river sections for amphibians in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, during 2001–2002 to gather baseline data for future monitoring efforts and to evaluate changes in the distribution of species. We compared our results to collections of herpetofauna made during 1920–1922, 1954 and 1978–1979.

Leafy spurge effects on patterns of plant species richness

Publications Posted on: May 02, 2006
The objective of this study was to simultaneously evaluate the impact of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.) on plant species richness within and among a wide variety of vegetation types typical of the region. The study was conducted in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in southwestern North Dakota where 11 plant associations were identified as being particularly susceptible to invasion by leafy spurge.