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Keyword: thinning

Effects of thinnings on growth and yield in natural Pinus arizonica and Pinus durangensis stands in the El Largo-Madera region in Chihuahua State

Publications Posted on: June 20, 2006
This paper presents the result of the first dasometric analysis made with the data of some permanent thinning plots established at different times since 1964 in the Unit of Conservation and Forest Development #2 in Chihuahua State, Mexico. The results show the benefits of thinnings on the growth rates of residual stands, the increment's redistribution, and the potential mortality.

Management of thinned Emory oak coppice for multiple resource benefits

Publications Posted on: June 13, 2006
Managers are increasingly moving toward an ecosystem-based, multiple-use approach in managing Emory oak woodlands in the Southwestern United States. Often of particular interest is managing the coppice that evolves from earlier fuelwood harvesting activities. Emory oak (Quercus emoryi) is a prolific sprouting species and, as a consequence, post-harvesting stands can support copious coppice on the cut rootstocks.

Development of ecological restoration experiments in fire adapted forests at Grand Canyon National Park

Publications Posted on: February 27, 2006
The management of national park and wilderness areas dominated by forest ecosystems adapted to frequent, low-intensity fires, continues to be a tremendous challenge. Throughout the inland West and particularly in the Southwest, ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) and mixed conifer forests have become dense and structurally homogeneous after periods of intense livestock grazing, followed by more than 100 years of fire suppression.