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Keyword: trends

The impact of wilderness and other wildlands on local economies and regional development trends

Publications Posted on: March 03, 2006
There have been few economic studies of the impact of wilderness on nearby communities. The few studies that have been carried out find relatively modest economic impacts on the surrounding communities by people who come to recreate in federally wilderness areas. However, studies find that people are moving to areas near federally designated wilderness and other wildlands because of the environmental amenities associated with such areas.

Future trends in society and technology: implications for wilderness research and management

Publications Posted on: March 01, 2006
Judging the impact of social and technological trends on the future of wilderness is complex. Declining public trust, growing demands for scrutiny, a need to recognize the link between biophysical and socioeconomic systems, and the need for criteria to select among alternative futures challenge us.

Customer diversiy and the future demand for outdoor recreation

Publications Posted on: November 22, 2004
The fastest growth in outdoor recreation participation is projected for activities that are popular with older adults, and the slowest growth for those activities popular with younger adults. Nationally, changing age distribution is the main reason for change in participation; but, in some areas of the U.S., changing racial and ethnic structure and urban residence also are very important.