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Keyword: waste wood

Soil restoration of abandoned mine sites using organic amendments

Projects Posted on: August 22, 2016
Revegetation through organic amendments is increasingly essential to help promote better organic soil and rehabilitation on abandoned mining sites across the northwestern United States. RMRS scientists and their collaborators used biochar, wood chips, and biosolids alone and in combination to determine if they can be used to restore soil physical, chemical, and biological functions on abandoned mines in forests across the western United States. In addition, they are evaluating the best methods for revegetation (seeding vs. planting) so that mineral soil organic matter can be rebuilt over time.

Biomass to bioenergy

Lab Notes Posted on: October 05, 2015
Bioenergy production from forest biomass, sometimes called forest ‘waste’ or waste wood, offers a unique solution to reduce wildfire hazard fuel while producing a useful source of renewable energy. Loss of soil carbon due to removal of waste wood might be addressed by the use of biochar, and machines to process the biomass on-site, as either biochar or fuel pellets, is a possible solution to cost-prohibitive transport of waste wood from forests to processing facilities.