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Keyword: watershed health

Beginnings of range management: an anthology of the Sampson-Ellison photo plots (1913 to 2003) and a short history of the Great Basin Experiment Station

Publications Posted on: May 12, 2016
High-elevation watersheds on the Wasatch Plateau in central Utah were severely overgrazed in the late 1800s, resulting in catastrophic flooding and mudflows through adjacent communities. Affected citizens petitioned the Federal government to establish a Forest Reserve (1902), and the Manti National Forest was established by the Transfer Act of 1905.

General equilibrium model of ecosystem services (GEMES)

Projects Posted on: April 27, 2015
GEMES is a coupled economic and ecological model of ecosystem services capable of measuring damages from environmental change and estimating benefits of environmental policy.

Research related to roads in USDA experimental forests [Chapter 16]

Publications Posted on: March 17, 2015
Forest roads are essential in experimental forests and rangelands (EFRs) to allow researchers and the public access to research sites and for fire suppression, timber extraction, and fuel management. Sediment from roads can adversely impact watershed health. Since the 1930s, the design and management of forest roads has addressed both access issues and watershed health.

Assessing watershed-wildfire risks on National Forest System lands in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States

Publications Posted on: October 01, 2013
Wildfires can cause significant negative impacts to water quality with resultant consequences for the environment and human health and safety, as well as incurring substantial rehabilitation and water treatment costs.