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Keyword: weeds

Managing invasive plants in natural areas: Moving beyond weed control

Publications Posted on: November 30, 2009
Exotic invasive plants present one of the greatest challenges to natural resource management. These weeds can alter entire communities and ecosystems, substantially degrading important ecosystem services such as forage for wild and domestic herbivores, water and soil quality, recreational values, and wildlife habitat.

Seed production of native forbs shows little response to irrigation in a wet year

Publications Posted on: March 19, 2008
Native forb seed is needed to restore rangelands of the Intermountain West. Commercial seed production is necessary to provide the quantity of seed needed for restoration efforts. A major limitation to economically viable commercial production of native forb seed is stable and consistent seed productivity over years. Variations in spring rainfall and soil moisture result in highly unpredictable water stress at seed set and development.

The role of wildfire in the establishment and range expansion of nonnative plant species into natural areas: A review of current literature

Publications Posted on: July 19, 2007
Nonnative invasive plants are one of the greatest threats to natural ecosystems worldwide (Vitousek et al. 1996). In fact, their spread has been described as "a raging biological wildfire" (Dewey et al. 1995). Disturbances tend to create conditions that are favorable for germination and establishment of plant species.