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Keyword: wildlands

Sustainability and the origins of wildland fire research

Publications Posted on: October 07, 2015
When looking for the origins of wildland fire research in the Forest Service, forester C. E. (Mike) Hardy makes the case for 1922, when Harry Gisborne became the agency’s first full-time fire researcher.

Review and recommendations for climate change vulnerability assessment approaches with examples from the Southwest

Publications Posted on: August 29, 2013
Climate change creates new challenges for resource managers and decision-makers with broad and often complex effects that make it difficult to accurately predict and design management actions to minimize undesirable impacts. We review pertinent information regarding methods and approaches used to conduct climate change vulnerability assessments to reveal assumptions and appropriate application of results.

Does repeated human intrusion alter use of wildland sites by red squirrels? Multiyear experimental evidence

Publications Posted on: February 05, 2009
Intrusion by humans into wildlife habitat during recreational activities has become a worldwide conservation concern. Low levels of intrusion, which occur frequently in many wildlands, could influence use of sites by red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) and have important ramifications for conservation.