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Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Research Station Media and Legislative Resource Center 

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For media inquiries please contact:

Lisa Bryant
Public Affairs Specialist
970-305-1850 |
or the FS-RMRS Media Inquiry Inbox:
* Please note: Forest Service scientists are an unbiased source of scientific information. Their research is used by land managers, the public, landowners, decision makers, elected officials and can inform policy development and land management activities. In order to maintain scientific objectivity and as a matter of scientific integrity, they refrain from making judgements or responding to questions regarding budget or policy. Public affairs specialists are available to help connect you to scientists, subject matter experts, or agency spokespeople depending on the information you seek.


For legislative affairs inquiries please contact:

Keith Grant
Legislative & Public Affairs Specialist
970-413-1079 |
For general inquiries please contact our headquarters at 970-498-1100 or submit your question using our Contact Form.   


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The Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS) is one of seven units in the Research and Development branch of the USDA Forest Service. Forest Service Research and Development is unique in its ability to provide independent, management-focused science and long-term data and projects for the natural resource questions of today and tomorrow. The Rocky Mountain Research Station is rooted in the geography of the Interior West, but is integrated in a national research program that has global applications. We work in fourteen laboratories in ten different states and manage fourteen Experimental Forests and Ranges, our landscape-scale living laboratories for long-term research and management studies. The greatest asset of RMRS is our network of over 400 employees, with nearly 100 research scientists. They work across a spectrum of biological, ecological, physical, and social science disciplines and ecosystem types in the Western United States. With our employees, partners, and collaborators, we bring diverse perspectives to identify and develop solutions for the complicated resource and landscape problems of the 21st century.

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