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Missoula Fire Lab Wildfire Emission Inventory

The Missoula Fire Lab Emission Inventory (MFLEI) is a retrospective, daily wildfire emission inventory for the contiguous United States with a spatial resolution of 250 meters. MFLEI was produced using multiple datasets of fire activity and burned area, a newly developed wildland fuels map and an updated emission factor database.

  1. Fig 1. Annual PM2.5 emitted averaged over 2003-2015.
  2. Fig 2. (a) Geographic regions. (b) Burned area, fuel consumption, and PM2:5 emitted by region.
  3. Fig 3. Annual PM2.5 emitted by in the western 11 states.
  4. Fig 4. Number of days over 2003–2015 when the wildfire-to non-wildfire PM2.5 emission ratio in the west exceeds thresholds of 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20.

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Wildland Fire and Fuels
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Fire, Fuel and Smoke
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Fire Sciences