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***This news release was originally issued by the University of Montana. RMRS scientist, Sean Parks, is a co-author for this research publication. MISSOULA – New University of Montana research suggests recurring continent-spanning drought patterns set the tempo for forest recovery from wildfire.
The USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station is pleased to announce three scientists have recently been promoted to Senior Scientist status, the highest level of accomplishment a federal scientist can receive. 
Please join us for a special upcoming webinar series presented by Forest Service Research and Development. These one-hour, land-manager focused webinars will highlight the latest science on fire and wildlife and are open to all. 
***This press release was first issued by our partners at Institute for Applied Ecology.
In this webinar, RMRS research ecologist Sam Cushman, wildlife biologist Joe Ganey, and research ecologist Gavin Jones will discuss their latest research on spotted owls and wildfire.
In this webinar, RMRS research forester Terrie Jain will join Jason Jerman (Coeur d’Alene River Ranger District), James Pass (Three Rivers Ranger District), and Shelagh Fox (R-1 Regional Silviculturist) to discuss forest openings and seedling growth in western white pine restoration.
In this webinar, RMRS research physical scientist Shawn Urbanski and fire ecologist Duncan Lutes will discuss the current state of the science on wildland fire smoke emissions.
In this webinar, RMRS research forester Nate Anderson will discuss integration of the bioeconomy and fuel treatments, including market and nonmarket values of fuel treatment and bioenergy production.  This webinar is part of our Science You Can Use series of land-management focused webinars. The sessions are half presentation, half discussion and Q&A.
In this webinar, RMRS research ecologist Sean Healey will discuss improved techniques for mapping forest disturbance and recovery across the United States with remotely sensed data. 
In this webinar, RMRS research forester John Shaw will discuss a new translation process that converts Forest Inventory and Analysis data from over 1 million plot visits into a format that is read directly by the Forest Vegetation Simulator.