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Fort Collins, Colo., Dec 1, 2021— Theresa “Terrie” Jain, PhD, research forester with the USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station, is widely regarded for her passionate commitment to working with forest managers and natural resource specialists.
This announcement was written and issued by our partner, Intermountain West Joint Venture.
Through a series of webinars, the National Ecosystem Services Strategy Team will explore the current knowledge about ecosystem services and their role as performance metrics – in terms of measuring, predicting, and valuing the outcomes of management actions.
FORT COLLINS, Colo., Oct 20, 2021—Growing up in Morocco, exploring the outdoors, and reading encyclopedias in lieu of television—these were the childhood roots leading to the growth of a celebrated grassland scientist. Paulette Ford, Ph.D., was deeply passionate about the ecology of the Southwest and excited that her research offered her opportunities to travel the world and encourage young scientists onto a similar path.
Hour-long seminars are presented by Fire Lab employees and other researchers from throughout the world. Seminars cover current research and management about the natural world from a broad range of disciplines, but most seminars usually have a wildland fire theme.
Fort Collins, Colo., Oct. 20, 2021— After several years of intense fires across the west, scientists have been working to develop new methods to support decision making.
FORT COLLINS, Colo., October 15, 2021— Rocky Mountain Research Station scientist Patty Champ will help co-produce a framework for research on fuels treatments in four communities in the Arctic through a new National Science Foundation grant.
This news release was initially issued by our partners at the University of Montana with information about a publication and new online tool co-authored and developed by a team of scientists, including RMRS research ecologist, Sean Parks. The original news release is available online here. 
This news release about the upcoming National Fire Prevention Week was published in conjunction with partners listed below.  Please watch for information on social media from a consortium of partners working to help build understanding and awareness of the potential benefits of fire to the landscape and how to prevent damaging fires to homes and natural resources.
This event was co-hosted by RMRS and the Joint Fire Science Program's Northern Rockies Fire Science Network, Southern Rockies Fire Science Network, and Northwest Fire Science Consortium.