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All Rocky Mountain Research Station publications are free of charge although many are now out of print or printed in limited supply. All RMRS publications are also available online as PDFs (portable document format) that can be downloaded and printed. To search our online publications, please visit Treesearch.

To check availability or ask questions, please contact us:

Mail: USDA Forest Service
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Publications Distribution
240 W Prospect Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526


Please include this information with your request:

1 - Mailing address
2 - Telephone number (in case there is a problem with your request)
3 - E-mail address
4 - Publication title and series number (ex. RMRS-GTR-1).

Publication Announcement Mailing List:

To join the RMRS Publications announcement list on NEWSBOX, send an email to LISTSERV@NEWSBOX.USDA.GOV with the command (copy/paste it in the email title and text): SUBSCRIBE RMRS_PUBLICATIONS or email us at and we will add to you the list.


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