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Alex Petkov

Geospatial Architect

5775 Highway 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808
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Kovalev, Vladimir; Petkov, Alex; Wold, Cyle E.; Urbanski, Shawn P.; Hao, Wei Min M., 2015. Determination of the smoke-plume heights and their dynamics with ground-based scanning LIDAR
Wold, Cyle E.; Kovalev, V. A.; Petkov, Alex; Hao, Wei Min M., 2012. Profiling of poorly stratified atmospheres with scanning lidar
Urbanski, Shawn P.; Kovalev, V.; Hao, Wei Min M.; Wold, Cyle E.; Petkov, Alex, 2010. Lidar and airborne investigation of smoke plume characteristics: Kootenai Creek Fire case study
Kovalev, Vladimir A.; Wold, Cyle E.; Petkov, Alex; Hao, Wei Min M., 2009. Alternative method for determining the constant offset in lidar signal
Kovalev, V. A.; Petkov, Alex; Wold, Cyle E.; Urbanski, Shawn P.; Hao, Wei Min M., 2009. Essentials of LIDAR multiangle data processing methodology for smoke polluted atmospheres
Experiments to Improve Agricultural Smoke Decision Support Tools

RMRS Science Program Areas: 
Fire, Fuel and Smoke