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James (Jim) A. McKean

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Bellugi, Dino; Milledge, David G.; Dietrich, William E.; McKean, James (Jim) A.; Perron, J. Taylor; Sudderth, Erik B.; Kazian, Brian, 2015. A spectral clustering search algorithm for predicting shallow landslide size and location
Milledge, David G.; Bellugi, Dino; McKean, James (Jim) A.; Densmore, Alexander L.; Dietrich, William E., 2014. A multidimensional stability model for predicting shallow landslide size and shape across landscapes
McKean, James (Jim) A.; Tonina, D.; Bohn, C.; Wright, C. W., 2014. Effects of bathymetric lidar errors on flow properties predicted with a multi-dimensional hydraulic model
Marzadri, Alessandra; Tonina, Daniele; McKean, James (Jim) A.; Tiedemann, Matthew G.; Benjankar, Rohan M., 2014. Multi-scale streambed topographic and discharge effects on hyporheic at the stream network scale in confined streams
Marzadri, Alessandra; Tonina, Daniele; McKean, James (Jim) A.; Tiedemann, Matt, 2012. Hyporheic exchange along a river below a dam
Tonina, D.; McKean, James (Jim) A.; Tang, C.; Goodwin, P., 2011. New tools for aquatic habitat modeling
Elliot, William J.; Hyde, Kevin; MacDonald, Lee; McKean, James (Jim) A., 2010. Tools for analysis
McKean, James (Jim) A.; Isaak, Daniel J.; Wright, Wayne, 2009. Improving stream studies with a small-footprint green lidar
Mackey, B. H.; Roering, J. J.; McKean, James (Jim) A., 2009. Long-term kinematics and sediment flux of an active earthflow, Eel River, California
Mountjoy, Joshu J.; McKean, James (Jim) A.; Barnes, Philip M.; Pettinga, Jarg R., 2009. Terrestrial-style slow-moving earthflow kinematics in a submarine landslide complex
Predictions of future climates include higher flows in mountain streams during mid-winter; a time when salmon eggs are incubating in streambed gravels. Unique stream bathymetry data and high resolution hydrodynamic models allow us to quantitatively assess the risk of bed scour and egg nest destruction in low gradient mountain streams during a variety of flows.