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Boston, MA
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Schroeder, Todd A.; Schleeweis, Karen; Moisen, Gretchen; Toney, Chris; Cohen, Warren B.; Freeman, Elizabeth; Yang, Zhiqiang; Huang, Chengquan, 2017. Testing a Landsat-based approach for mapping disturbance causality in U.S. forests
Schleeweis, Karen; Goward, Samuel N.; Huang, Chengquan; Dwyer, John L.; Dungan, Jennifer L.; Lindsey, Mary A.; Michaelis, Andrew; Rishmawi, Khaldoun; Masek, Jeffery G., 2016. Selection and quality assessment of Landsat data for the North American forest dynamics forest history maps of the US
Moisen, Gretchen; Meyer, Mary C.; Schroeder, Todd A.; Liao, Xiyue; Schleeweis, Karen; Freeman, Elizabeth; Toney, Chris, 2016. Shape selection in Landsat time series: A tool for monitoring forest dynamics
Toney, J. Chris; Schleeweis, Karen; Dungan, Jennifer; Michaelis, Andrew; Schroeder, Todd; Moisen, Gretchen, 2015. Nationwide disturbance attribution on NASA’s earth exchange: experiences in a high-end computing environment
Schleeweis, Karen; Moisen, Gretchen; Schroeder, Todd A.; Toney, Chris; Freeman, Elizabeth, 2015. On the road to national mapping and attribution of the processes underlying U.S
Schleeweis, Karen; Huang, Chengquan; Rishmawi, Khaldoun; Zhao, Feng Aron; Masek, Jeffery G.; Houghton, Richard K.; Goward, Samuel N., 2015. Using FIA and landsat observations to improve the spatial and temporal resolution of forest carbon estimates
Schroeder, Todd A.; Moisen, Gretchen; Schleeweis, Karen; Toney, Chris; Cohen, Warren B.; Yang, Zhiqiang; Freeman, Elizabeth, 2015. Using an empirical and rule-based modeling approach to map cause of disturbance in U.S
Schleeweis, Karen; Goward, Samuel N.; Huang, Chengquan; Masek, Jeffrey G.; Moisen, Gretchen; Kennedy, Robert E.; Thomas, Nancy E., 2013. Regional dynamics of forest canopy change and underlying causal processes in the contiguous US
Moisen, Gretchen; Schroeder, Todd A.; Schleeweis, Karen; Toney, Chris; Cohen, Warren B.; Goward, Samuel N., 2012. Attributing causal agents to nationwide maps of forest disturbance
Schleeweis, Karen; Goward, Samuel N.; Huang, Chengquan; Masek, Jeffrey; Moisen, Gretchen, 2012. Understanding trends in observations of forest disturbance and their underlying causal processes
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Working in the Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) Program, we have access to a valuable collection of detailed information about forests on thousands of sample plots distributed across the country. This information is used to produce summaries of forestland characteristics for a variety of geographic areas such as states or individual national forests. We wanted a simple tool to extend this sample data and make detailed maps of forest characteristics for all the land in between the study locations.
North American Forest Dynamics (NAFD) project is exploiting the Landsat historical record to develop a quantitative understanding of forest disturbance patterns across the conterminous US.

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