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Mark A. Rumble

Featured Publications


Matseur, Elizabeth A.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Thompson, Frank R.; Dickerson, Brian E.; Rumble, Mark A., 2019. The importance of disturbance and forest structure to bird abundance in the Black Hills
Matseur, Elizabeth A.; Thompson, Frank R.; Dickerson, Brian E.; Rumble, Mark A.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2018. Black‐backed woodpecker abundance in the Black Hills
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Lehman, Chadwick P.; Rota, Christopher T.; Rumble, Mark A.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2017. Characteristics of successful puma kill sites of elk in the Black Hills, South Dakota
Fremgen, Aleshia L.; Rota, Christopher T.; Hansen, Christopher P.; Rumble, Mark A.; Gamo, R. Scott; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2017. Male greater sage-grouse movements among leks
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Schreiber, Leslie A.; Hansen, Christopher P.; ; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Thompson, Frank R.; Gamo, R. Scott; Kehmeier, Jon W.; Wojik, Nate, 2016. Greater sage-grouse apparent nest productivity and chick survival in Carbon County, Wyoming
Lehman, Chadwick P.; Rumble, Mark A.; Battaglia, Mike A.; Mills, Todd R.; Asherin, Lance A., 2016. Influence of mountain pine beetle epidemic on winter habitat conditions for Merriam's turkeys: Management implications for current and future condition
Fremgen, Aleshia L.; Hansen, Christopher P.; ; Gamo, R. Scott; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2016. Male greater sage-grouse detectability on leks
Finch, Deborah M.; Pendleton, Rosemary L.; Reeves, Matt C.; Ott, Jeffrey E.; Kilkenny, Francis F.; Butler, Jack L.; Ott, Jacqueline P.; Pinto, Jeremiah R.; Ford, Paulette L.; Runyon, Justin B.; Rumble, Mark A.; Kitchen, Stanley G., 2016. Rangeland drought: Effects, restoration, and adaptation [Chap. 8]
Rota, Christopher T.; Rumble, Mark A.; Lehman, Chad P.; Kesler, Dylan C.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2015. Apparent foraging success reflects habitat quality in an irruptive species, the Black-backed Woodpecker
Lehman, Chadwick P.; ; Rota, Christopher T.; ; Fogarty, Dillon T.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2015. Elk resource selection at parturition sites, Black Hills, South Dakota
Keller, Barbara J.; Bleisch, Amy D.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Lehman, Chad P.; Kragel, Jackie J.; Hansen, Lonnie P.; Sumners, Jason; Rumble, Mark A.; Brundige, Gary C., 2015. Extended duration of parturition season in North American elk (Cervus elaphus)
Schreiber, Leslie A.; Hansen, Christopher P.; ; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Gamo, R. Scott; Kehmeier, Jon W.; Wojcik, Nate, 2015. Microhabitat selection of brood-rearing sites by greater sage-grouse in Carbon County, Wyoming
Dickerson, Brian E.; Ambourn, Angie K.; ; Allen, Kurt K.; Lehman, Chad P., 2015. Woodpecker forage availability in habitat disturbances of the Black Hills
Hansen, Christopher P.; Rumble, Mark A.; Gamo, R. Scott; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2014. Auxiliary VHF transmitter to aid recovery of solar Argos/GPS PTTs
Mohren, Sean R.; Rumble, Mark A.; Anderson, Stanley H., 2014. Density and abundance of black-backed woodpeckers in a Ponderosa pine ecosystem
Mehls, Cassandra L.; Jensen, Kent C.; Rumble, Mark A.; Wimberly, Michael C., 2014. Multi-scale habitat use of male ruffed grouse in the Black Hills National Forest
Rota, Christopher T.; Millspaugh, Joshua J.; Kesler, Dylan C.; Lehman, Chad P.; ; Jachowski, Catherine M. B., 2013. A re-evaluation of a case-control model with contaminated controls for resource selection studies
Swanson, Christopher C.; ; Kaczor, Nicholas W.; Klaver, Robert W.; Herman-Brunson, Katie M.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; Jensen, Kent C., 2013. Greater sage-grouse winter habitat use on the eastern edge of their range
Finch, Deborah M.; Smith, Max; LeDee, Olivia; Cartron, Jean-Luc E.; Rumble, Mark A., 2012. Climate change, animal species, and habitats: Adaptation and issues (Chapter 5)
Lehman, Chad P.; Schmitz, Lowell E.; ; Kragel, Jackie J.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2012. Observation of dystocia in wild elk
Lehman, Chad P.; Kesler, Dylan C.; Rota, Christopher T.; ; Seckinger, Eric M.; Juntti, Thomas M.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2011. Netguns: a technique for capturing Black-backed Woodpeckers
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Lehman, Chad P.; Flake, Lester D.; Rumble, Mark A., 2007. Survival and cause-specific mortality of Merriam's turkeys in the southern Black Hills
Juntti, Thomas M.; Rumble, Mark A., 2006. Arc Habitat Suitability Index computer software
Mannel, Sylvio; Rumble, Mark A.; Price, Maribeth; Juntti, Thomas M.; Hua, Dong, 2006. Comparison of combinations of sighting devices and target objects for establishing circular plots in the field
Stubblefield, Cynthia H.; Vierling, Kerri T.; Rumble, Mark A., 2006. Landscape scale attributes of elk centers of activity in the central Black Hills of South Dakota
; Benkobi, Lakhdar; Gamo, R. Scott, 2005. Elk responses to humans in a densely roaded area
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Fritcher, Shawn C.; Rumble, Mark A.; Flake, Lester D., 2004. Grassland bird densities in seral stages of mixed-grass prairie
Benkobi, Lakhdar; Rumble, Mark A.; Brundige, Gary C.; Millspaugh, Joshua J., 2004. Refinement of the Arc-Habcap model to predict habitat effectiveness for elk
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