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Natalie S. Wagenbrenner

Research Meteorologist

5775 Highway 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808-9361
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Current Research

I participate in field and laboratory-scale research to assess the impacts of forest access and wild fire on soil erosion and water quality.� Recent research has involved hydrologic and sediment impact assessments of forest road decommissioning projects, evaluation of Burned Area Emergency Rehabilitation (BAER) road treatments, and estimation of forest road hydrologic parameters for erosion modeling.� I am also involved with research investigating wind erosion processes and mitigation techniques in post-fire and disturbed environments.


  • University of Missouri, Columbia, B.S., Biological Engineering, 2005
  • Washington State University, M.S., Biological Systems Engineering, 2007
  • Washington State University, Ph.D. Candidate, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Publications

    Page, Wesley; Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Butler, Bret W.; Blunck, David L., 2019. An analysis of spotting distances during the 2017 fire season in the Northern Rockies, USA
    Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Forthofer, Jason M.; Page, Wesley; Butler, Bret W., 2019. Development and evaluation of a Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes solver in WindNinja for operational wildland fire applications
    Page, Wesley; Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Butler, Bret W.; Forthofer, Jason M.; Gibson, Chris, 2018. An evaluation of NDFD weather forecasts for wildland fire behavior prediction
    Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Forthofer, Jason M.; Gibson, Chris; Indreland, Abby; Lamb, Brian K.; Butler, Bret W., 2018. Observations and predictability of gap winds in the Salmon River Canyon of Central Idaho, USA
    Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Forthofer, Jason M.; Lamb, Brian K.; Shannon, Kyle S.; Butler, Bret W., 2016. Downscaling surface wind predictions from numerical weather prediction models in complex terrain with a mass-consistent wind model
    Finn, D.; Reese, B.; Butler, Bret W.; Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Clawson, K. L.; Rich, J.; Russell, E.; Gao, Z.; Liu, H., 2016. Evidence for gap flows in the Birch Creek Valley, Idaho
    Butler, Bret W.; Wagenbrenner, Natalie S.; Forthofer, Jason M.; Lamb, B. K.; Shannon, K. S.; Finn, D.; Eckman, R. M.; Clawson, K.; Bradshaw, Larry S.; Sopko, Paul A.; Beard, S.; Jimenez, Daniel M.; Wold, Cyle E.; Vosburgh, Mark G., 2015. High-resolution observations of the near-surface wind field over an isolated mountain and in a steep river canyon
    Forthofer, Jason M.; Butler, Bret W.; McHugh, Charles W.; Finney, Mark A.; Bradshaw, Larry S.; Stratton, Richard D.; Shannon, Kyle S.; Wagenbrenner, Natalie S., 2014. A comparison of three approaches for simulating fine-scale surface winds in support of wildland fire management. Part II. An exploratory study of the effect of simulated winds on fire growth simulations
    Wagenbrenner, N. S.; Germino, M. J.; Lamb, B. K.; Foltz, R. B.; Robichaud, Peter R., 2011. Wind erosion of soils burned by wildfire

    RMRS Science Program Areas: 
    Fire, Fuel and Smoke