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Forest Disturbances

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Hybridization between Dalmatian and yellow toadflax

Dalmatian toadflax  (Linaria dalmatica)

Two closely related invasive Linaria species, Dalmatian toadflax and yellow toadflax, have successfully invaded a broad range of ecosystems throughout most of continental North America.

Effects of prescribed fire on wildlife and wildlife habitat in selected ecosystems of North America

Two scientist at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge

Images of a prescribed fire in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge in La Joya, New Mexico.

A legacy of sagebrush science photo gallery

Reseeding in the Great Basin Experimental Range in the 1930s. (Note the seed silo behind the plane)

The Rocky Mountain Research Station holds a long legacy in sagebrush and rangeland research dating back to the 1930s. With over 70 years of research on sagebrush ecosystem dynamics as well as...

Shape selection in Landsat time series

This graph is the legend to the following Landsat images and illustrates the mean predicted percent tree canopy by year. The gradual reduction in tree canopy is driven by insect outbreak. The large drop in 2002 is a result of fire.

The tree canopy patterns in these time series Landsat map images, taken over a section of the central Rocky Mountains near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, provide information about canopy lost to...

Understory recovery in harvested ponderosa pine forests on the Black Hills National Forest

Permanent study plot in 2007 immediately prior to timber harvest.

Scientists with the Rocky Mountain Research Station and university partners are investigating the short- and long-term resiliency of understory vegetation of ponderosa pine forests to a variety...