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Proceedings- Management and Productivity of Western-Montane Forest Soils (April 1990- Boise, ID)

Harvey, Alan E.; Neuenschwander, Leon F., compilers. 1991. Proceedings - Management and productivity of western-montane forest soils; 1990 April 10-12; Boise, ID. Gen. Tech. Rep. INT-GTR-280. Ogden, UT: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station. 254 p.

Includes these papers:

Amaranthus, Michael P. 1990. Factors affecting ectomycorrhizae and forest regeneration following disturbance in the Pacific Northwest

Binkley, D. 1990. Connecting Soils with Forest Productivity.

Bosworth, Bob; Studer, Dan. 1990. Comparisons of tree height growth on broadcast-burned, bulldozer-piled, and nonprepared sites 15 to 25 years after clearcut logging.

DeBano, Leonard F. 1991. The effect of fire on soil properties.

Edmonds, Robert L. 1990. Organic matter decomposition in western United States forests.

Everett, Richard; Zabowski, Darlene; McColley, Phillip. 1990. Vegetative restoration of western-montane forest soils.

Geist, J. M. ; Cochran, P. H. 1990. Influences of volcanic ash and pumice deposition on productivity of western interior forest soils.

Geist, J. M., R. T. Meurisse, T. A. Max. 1990. Monitoring forest soil properties to maintain productivity.

Graham, Russell T.; Minore, Don; Harvey, Alan E.; Jurgensen, Martin F.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah. 1990. Soil management as an integral part of silvicultural systems.

Harvey, Alan E.; Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Graham, Russell T.; Jurgensen, Martin F. 1990. Ectomycorrhizal activity and conifer growth interactions in western-montane forest soils.

Hironaka, M.; Fosberg, Maynard A.; Neiman, Kenneth E., Jr. 1990. The relationship between soils and vegetation.

Hungerford, Roger D.; Harrington, Michael G.; Frandsen, William H.; Ryan, Kevin C.; Niehoff, Gerald J. 1990. Influence of fire on factors that affect site productivity.

Jurgensen, Martin F.; Tonn, Jonalea R.; Graham, Russell T.; Harvey, Alan E.; Geier-Hayes, Kathleen. 1990. Nitrogen fixation in forest soils of the Inland Northwest.

Megahan, Walter F. 1990. Erosion and site productivity in Western-Montane forest ecosystems.

Meurisse, Robert T.; Robbie, Wayne A.; Niehoff, Jerry; Ford, Gary. 1990. Dominant soil formation processes and properties in Western-Montane forest types and landscapes—Some implications for productivity and management.

Molina, Randy; Amaranthus, Michael. 1990. Rhizosphere biology: Ecological linkages between soil processes, plant growth, and community dynamics.

Page-Dumroese, Deborah; Harvey, Alan; Jurgensen, Martin; Graham, Russell. 1990. Organic matter function in the western-montane forest soil system.

Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.; Graham, Russell T.; Harvey, Alan E. 1990. Soil organic matter effects on Douglas-Fir growth in Northern Idaho soils.

Powers, Robert F. 1990. Are we maintaining the productivity of forest lands? Establishing guidelines through a network of long-term studies.

Sommer, Mark; Adams, David; Mahler, Robert. 1991. Soil properties as a factor in regeneration failures in the grand fir mosaic—Preliminary results.

Stark, Nellie M.; Zuuring, Hans. 1990. Minimizing the adverse impacts of timber harvest in the northern Rocky Mountains.

Steele, Robert; Pfister, Robert D. 1990. Western-montane plant communities and forest ecosystem perspectives.

Verbyla, David L. 1990. Validation of soil-site models.