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Econometric modeling of fire management expenditures

January, 2015

The cost and cost effectiveness of wildfire suppression efforts have recently been scrutinized because of increased suppression expenditures in the United States. This scrutiny has resulted in increased pressure to balance the costs, benefits, and risks of wildland fire management. The Wildfire Risk Management Team employs econometric modeling to empirically examine various aspects of wildland fire management expenditures. Econometric modeling involves exploring areas where economic theory and econometric tools can be employed to empirically model wildland fire management expenditures and identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of wildland fire management programs. Econometric models are used to identify and examine factors related to suppression expenditures, and analyze trends to better forecast suppression expenditures.

Flow chart of strategic fire planning steps
Flow chart of strategic fire planning steps



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Hari Katuwal - University of Montana

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