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General equilibrium model of ecosystem services (GEMES)

January, 2013

Land use and climate impacts on hypoxic zone in Gulf of Mexico
Land use and climate impacts on hypoxic zone in Gulf of Mexico
The General Equilibrium Model of Ecosystem Services (GEMES) uses a computable general equilibrium model to measure impacts to ecosystem services. It is one of the first general equilibrium models to include ecosystem services, allowing feedbacks between market and nonmarket sides of the economy. It has been used to measure damages from invasive species introduction and to identify economic drivers of water quality degradation. GEMES is a coupled economic and ecological model of ecosystem services capable of measuring damages from environmental change and estimating benefits of environmental policy.


Warziniack, Travis ; Finnoff, David ; Shogren, Jason F. , 2013
Warziniack, Travis ; Finnoff, David ; Bossenbroek, Jonathan ; Shogren, Jason F. ; Lodge, David. , 2011

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Principal Investigators:
David Finnoff - University of Wyoming
Jenny Apriesnig - Colorado State University

University of Wyoming
Colorado State University

Funding Contributors:
National Science Foundation
Environmental Protection Agency
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
USDA Forest Service