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Growing native plants with biochar

January, 2010 to December, 2020

Ponderosa pine seedlings grown in nursery-substrate amended with increasing amounts of biochar (right to left).
Ponderosa pine seedlings grown in nursery-substrate amended with increasing amounts of biochar (right to left).

Pyrolysis, the conversion of woody biomass to bioenergy, can be more economically viable if the byproduct, biochar, can have value added. This project examines the use of biochar as a seed coating and as an amendment to the substrates used in nurseries to produce native plants for restoration. The research explores the physical and chemical properties of biochar-amendment, especially water movement and availability, and subsequent growth of seedlings.


Scientists are evaluating two ways to use biochar to improve growth of native plants: coating seeds with biochar and adding biochar to the substrate used to grow seedlings in nurseries.

  • Seeds coated with biochar were measured for germination across a gradient of available moisture conditions and temperatures. If biochar improves germination of native plant seeds, fewer seeds would be required per project, thus increasing seed availability and decreasing establishment costs.
  • If biochar is a suitable substrate for nursery use, it would be a lower-cost amendment compared to traditional types currently used in nurseries, and would allow opportunity to sequester carbon on the restoration site during the ordinary outplanting of seedlings.

This work supports the use of renewable energy and restoration of degraded ecosystems.


Key Findings

Scientists have discovered that:

  • Coating grass and forbs seeds with various amounts of biochar provided little improvement of germination across a wide gradient of moisture availability and temperatures.
  • Growing high quality plants is possible when peat moss and inorganic amendments are replaced with biochar during nursery production of native plants (trees, shrubs, and wildflowers).
  • Adding biochar reduces the amount of irrigation that must be used to grow plants.



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Currently scientists are evaluating the subsequent field survival and growth of pine seedlings grown with biochar during the nursery phase.

YouTube video on new techniques to create and spread biochar

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Project Contact: 

Principal Investigators:
Katherine McBurney - formerly of University of Idaho
Mary I Williams - formerly of Michigan Technological University
Stuart P Hardegree - USDA Agricultural Research Service
Juha Heiskanen - LUKE-Natural Resources Institute Finland
Arja Tervahauta - LUKE-Natural Resources Institute Finland
Karl Englund - Washington State University
Christopher Keyes - University of Montana
Clarice Matt - formerly of University of Montana

Funding Contributors:
National Center for Reforestation Nurseries and Genetics Resources
Rocky Mountain Research Station
Agricultural Research Services
Washington State University
Michigan Technological University
LUKE-Natural Resources Institute Finland
University of Montana