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Ponderosa pine restoration at Lick Creek

January, 2015

See: A Century of Change in a Ponderosa Pine Forest for more information about the Historical Photopoints in the Lick Creek Drainage.

The Lick Creek Demonstration/Research Forest (Lick Creek) on the Darby Ranger District of the Bitterroot National Forest, MT provides a unique opportunity to assess 25-year-effects of burning and cutting restoration treatments. In 1991, a cooperative venture among the Bitterroot National Forest, University of Montana, and Forest Service Intermountain Research Station (now Rocky Mountain Research Station) initiated a new research experiment with seven prescribed burning and cutting treatment variants to test restoration alternatives in restoring the site’s ponderosa pine vegetation community and reduce fuel loads to historically-appropriate levels. Silvicultural treatments were implemented in 1992, followed by prescribed burning in 1993 and 1994, under a fully replicated experimental design involving randomization of treated units and a permanent, systematic plot sampling network.

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Photo documentation of stand changes
Photo documentation of stand changes



Products from on-going JFSP study:

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Publications from original research study:

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Project Contact: 

Principal Investigators:
Anna Sala - University of Montana
Chistopher Keyes - University of Montana

Research Staff: