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Can aspen persist in conifer dominated forests?

Posted date: September 27, 2017
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Authors: Page, Douglas H.; Shaw, John D.
Publication Series: 
Science Bulletins and Newsletters
Source: Tremblings. 7(3): 2-3.


In 1998 we measured a large, old aspen in a mixed spruce-fir-aspen forest on the Utah State University T.W. Daniel Experimental Forest in northern Utah. The tree was 297 years old - about the same age as the oldest spruce in the stand. A search of the forestry literature revealed that the oldest published age for an aspen came from a tree in the Sierra Nevada Range in California, and that tree would have been had been 266 years old, if it was still alive at the time the Daniel Forest aspen was cored. Subsequently, a graduate student in Colorado described aspen in the 275-year range, and those stands were much like the Daniel Forest stands - mostly spruce-fir with scattered aspen.


Page, Douglas H.; Shaw, John D. 2016. Can aspen persist in conifer dominated forests? Tremblings. 7(3): 2-3.