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The cingulum: A unique structure of some Dolichopodidae

Posted date: December 08, 2009
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Miscellaneous Publication
Source: Fly Times. 41: 3.


The cingulum is a U-shaped structure of unknown function which arises between abdominal sterna 4 and 5 and terminates in a pair of variously modified flag-like appendages. This structure is well developed only in males of the genus Scellus. Richard Hurley discovered that Hydatostega have a much reduced cingulum, a finding that had broad implications for elucidating hydrophorine phylogeny. Rich suggested that the size and bright coloration might serve a visual signaling function, whereas the arrangement of hairs suggests a pheromone-dispersing function.


Runyon, Justin. 2008. The cingulum: A unique structure of some Dolichopodidae. Fly Times. 41: 3.
Dolichopodidae; cingulum