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Conservation challenges of managing lynx

Posted date: January 22, 2016
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Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Source: Yellowstone Science. 13(2): 10-11.


Yellowstone National Park is hallowed ground when it comes to wildlife in America. The very word “Yellowstone” conjures up images of grizzly bears digging tubers, bands of elk dotting the landscape, and gray wolves pursuing elk along the Lamar River. However, Yellowstone also provides habitat to one of the rarest cats in the continental United States: the Canada lynx (Lynx canadensis). The image of lynx stalking the forests of Yellowstone is absent from most people’s minds because the cat is rarely observed and its life history is poorly understood in and around the park.


Squires, John R. 2005. Conservation challenges of managing lynx. Yellowstone Science. 13(2): 10-11.