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Erosion Risk Management Tool (ERMiT)

Posted date: April 30, 2009
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Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Source: Stream Notes. July: 1-4.


Federal land management agencies have spent tens of millions of dollars on post-fire emergency watershed stabilization measures intended to minimize flood runoff, peakflows, onsite erosion, offsite sedimentation, and other hydrologic damage to natural habitats, roads, bridges, reservoirs, and irrigation systems (General Accounting Office 2003). The decision to apply post-fire treatments to reduce runoff and erosion is based on a risk analysis - assessing the probability that damaging floods, erosion, and sedimentation will occur; the values that are at risk for damage; the need for reducing the risk of damage; and the magnitude of risk reduction that can reasonably be expected from mitigation treatments.


Robichaud, Peter R. 2008. Erosion Risk Management Tool (ERMiT). Stream Notes. July: 1-4.