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Minimizing post-fire erosion using rainwater harvesting practices

Posted date: October 07, 2015
Publication Year: 
Authors: Garcia-Chevesich, P. R.; Valdes, R.; Neary, Daniel G.; Pizarro, R.
Publication Series: 
Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Source: Environmental Connection. 9(2): 24-25.


Though wildfires can lead to tremendous rates of soil erosion, they also have several beneficial effects on natural areas. Plants in ecosystems that are susceptible to wildfires often survive through adaptation processes that include physical protection against heat, increased growth after a wildfire event and production of flammable materials that stimulate fire and may diminish competition.


Garcia-Chevesich, P. R.; Valdes, R.; Neary, D.; Pizarro, R. 2015. Minimizing post-fire erosion using rainwater harvesting practices. Environmental Connection. 9(2): 24-25.