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A new synonymy in Erebomyia (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)

Posted date: August 25, 2011
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Miscellaneous Publication
Source: Pan-Pacific Entomologist. 86(4): 139-140.


The long-legged fly genus Erebomyia Runyon & Hurley was erected in 2004 for E. exalloptera Runyon & Hurley, a species whose males display uniquely asymmetrical wings (Runyon & Hurley 2004). Three additional species of Erebomyia have since been described: E. aetheoptera Hurley & Runyon, E. akidoptera Hurley & Runyon, and E. ramseyensis Hurley & Runyon (Hurley & Runyon 2009); males of these three species have modified but symmetrical wings. Adults of Erebomyia occur on bare rock within dark, streamside cavities. The group is distinguished from other sympycnine dolichopodids by the presence of postpronotal hairs (Hurley & Runyon 2009, p. 40, Fig. 2), and several characteristics of males including modified wings and a large, hooked left arm of the hypandrium (Hurley & Runyon 2009). To date, Erebomyia is known from four species, three from Arizona and one from California.


Runyon, Justin B. 2010. A new synonymy in Erebomyia (Diptera: Dolichopodidae). Pan-Pacific Entomologist. 86(4): 139-140.
long-legged fly; Erebomyia