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A race against beetles: Conservation of limber pine

Posted date: September 30, 2016
Publication Year: 
Authors: Schoettle, Anna W.; Burns, Kelly; Costello, Sheryl; Witcosky, Jeff; Howell, Brian; Connor, Jeff
Publication Series: 
Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Source: Nutcracker Notes. 14: 11-12.


The Rocky Mountain Research Station, Forest Health Management, Rocky Mountain National Park, Arapaho-Roosevelt National Forest, and the Medicine Bow NF are coordinating efforts to conserve limber pine along the Front Range of the southern Rockies. Mountain pine beetle (MPB) populations are increasing dramatically in the area and killing limber pines in their path. Last year alone, aerial survey recorded 38,000 acres of limber pine mortality in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming, a large increase over the 9,000 acres recorded in 2006. It is estimated that MPBs will infest nearly all the limber pine stands in this area within the next few years.


Schoettle, Anna; Burns, Kelly; Costello, Sheryl; Witcosky, Jeff; Howell, Brian; Connor, Jeff. 2008. A race against beetles: Conservation of limber pine. Nutcracker Notes. 14: 11-12.