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Species can be named from photos

Posted date: January 10, 2017
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Authors: Pape, Thomas; Allison, Allen; Bickel, Daniel J.; Dikow, Torsten; Donegan, Thomas; Duszynski, Donald W.; El-Hawagry, Magdi S.; Evenhuis, Neal L.; Fautin, Daphne G.; Gaimari, Stephen D.; Gharali, Babak; Greenwalt, Dale E.; Kaiser, Hinrich; Kirk-Spriggs, Ashley H.; Lamas, Gerardo; Lonsdale, Owen; Mah, Christopher; Marshall, Stephen A.; Meier, Rudolf; Ohl, Michael; Patterson, David J.; Penev, Lyubomir; Pentcheff, N. Dean; Pyle, Richard L.; Rubinoff, Daniel J.; Runyon, Justin B.; Tallowin, Oliver; Thorpe, Stephen; Nanjing, Bo Wang; Welter-Schultes, Francisco; Yanega, Douglas; Yang, Ding; Hangzhou, Gang Yao; Yeung, Norine W.
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Scientific Journal (JRNL)
Source: Nature. 537: 307.


As an international group of taxonomists who study a range of taxa, we consider that you misconstrued the case of a new insect species that was described on the basis of photographs (see Nature 535, 323–324; 2016).


Pape, Thomas; Allison, Allen; Bickel, Daniel J.; Dikow, Torsten; Donegan, Thomas; Duszynski, Donald W.; El-Hawagry, Magdi S.; Evenhuis, Neal L.; Fautin, Daphne G.; Gaimari, Stephen D.; Gharali, Babak; Greenwalt, Dale E.; Kaiser, Hinrich; Kirk-Spriggs, Ashley H.; Lamas, Gerardo; Lonsdale, Owen; Mah, Christopher; Marshall, Stephen A.; Meier, Rudolf; Ohl, Michael; Patterson, David J.; Penev, Lyubomir; Pentcheff, N. Dean; Pyle, Richard L.; Rubinoff, Daniel J.; Runyon, Justin; Tallowin, Oliver; Thorpe, Stephen; Nanjing, Bo Wang; Welter-Schultes, Francisco; Yanega, Douglas; Yang, Ding; Hangzhou, Gang Yao; Yeung, Norine W. 2016. Species can be named from photos. Nature. 537: 307.