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Laboratories & Institutes

The Rocky Mountain Research Station maintains over a dozen laboratory locations throughout our twelve-state territory encompassing the Great Basin, Southwest, Rocky Mountains and parts of the Great Plains. Our approximately 350 employees (including over 80 research scientists) are distributed among these laboratory locations. Most laboratory locations include a mix of scientists and employees assigned to a variety of Science Program Areas, who are contributing to research across our Strategic Priorities.

We share our geographic footprint with four Forest Service Regions: Northern (Region 1), Rocky Mountain (Region 2), Southwestern (Region 3), and Intermountain West (Region 4). We seek to serve these National Forest System Regions as well as many other stakeholders – resource managers from other government agencies, Tribes, non-governmental organizations, universities, private landowners, policymakers, and the public, across the nation and globally – with the research that we conduct and the science that we deliver. Our distributed network of laboratory locations makes it possible for us to develop relationships and place-based research throughout our geographic territory.

Research Labs