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Flagstaff Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Brick building surrounded by trees
The Flagstaff Forestry Sciences Laboratory building
The Flagstaff Forestry Sciences Laboratory, also known as the Southwest Forest Science Complex, is co-located on south campus with Northern Arizona University’s (NAU) School of Forestry.  The Lab also oversees a greenhouse and shop facility located a mile east of the Lab.  NAU and the Rocky Mountain Research Station collaborate on research and providing unique study and employment experiences for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduates from the College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural Sciences

Our researchers work in collaboration with a range of partners, including other agencies, academia, nonprofit groups, and industry. The Rocky Mountain Research Station serves the Forest Service as well as other federal and state agencies, international organizations, Tribes, academia, non-profit groups and the public. 

Hill with brown grass and green trees in Arizona
Landscape in the Coconino National Forest near the Flagstaff Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Forest research in Northern Arizona began in the area when in 1908 G.A. (Gus) Pearson, an early Forest Service silviculturist, initiated experimental work in the area of Fort Valley, north of Flagstaff.  The Flagstaff Laboratory oversees the management of Fort Valley Experimental Station as well as the Long Valley Experimental Forest, all within the boundary of the Coconino National Forest. The Sierra Ancha Experimental Station, located on the Tonto National Forest, is also administered from the Flagstaff Lab.

Nestled in Flagstaff at the base of the San Francisco Peaks on the Colorado Plateau, the region offers endless opportunities for research of the environment, water, forestry, fire, wildlife, fisheries and boundless other topics. From the top of Humphreys Peak at 12,633 ft (3,850 m) to canyon bottoms, the territory features the Upper Sonoran and Transition life zones, with Canadian, Hudsonian and Artic-Alpine zones at its highest elevations.  The Flagstaff Forestry Science Laboratory is an excellent location for scientific research.

map of Flagstaff Forestry Sciences Laboratory location

The Flagstaff Lab supports a variety of RMRS programs:

The Lab also hosts several employees from other USDA units: 

2500 South Pine Knoll Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001-6381
(928) 556-2001