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Fire, Fuel and Smoke


Grand fir and western hemlock mortality and regeneration dynamics after wildfire and salvage.
Evaluating effects of climate change on whitebark pine trees.
A new fuel loading sampling method is developed to quickly and accurately estimate loadings for six surface fuel components using downward-looking and oblique photographs depicting sequences of graduated fuel loadings by fuel component.
Lick Creek Demonstration-Research Forest: 25-year fire and cutting effects on vegetation and fuels.
Long-term growth responses to stand density reduction treatments in mature pine forests of California
Fuel treatment impacts in ponderosa pine - Douglas-fir forests in the Northern Rockies.
The impact of fire on conifer defenses.
Mortality reconsidered: Testing and extending models of fire–induced tree mortality across the United States.
Changes in fuel loading and conifer mortality risk factors due to bark beetles and drought in California.
Lodgepole pine forest host characteristics influence mountain pine beetle outbreak severity in the Northern Rocky Mountains.