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Mountain pine beetle: State of the knowledge

Date: April 15, 2015

Adult mountain pine beetles excavating a larval gallery (photo by Whitney Cranshaw,
Adult mountain pine beetles excavating a larval gallery (photo by Whitney Cranshaw,
It is well documented in the scientific and popular literature that large-scale bark beetle outbreaks are occurring across many coniferous forests in the western United States. The mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) is one of the major species exhibiting extensive, eruptive populations resulting in high levels of tree mortality. The literature on mountain pine beetles is extensive, and navigating through it can be a daunting task for scientists and managers alike. A special section of Forest Science published in June, 2014 contains 10 papers addressing different aspects of the biology, ecology, and management of mountain pine beetles. A number of relevant topics are reviewed and available literature synthesized for use by land managers, forest health specialists, scientists, and students from a variety of disciplines. Novel research results are also presented in select papers.

Featured Publications

Fettig, Christopher J. ; Gibson, Kenneth E. ; Munson, A. Steven ; Negron, Jose , 2014
Saab, Victoria A. ; Latif, Quresh ; Rowland, Mary M. ; Johnson, Tracey N. ; Chalfoun, Anna D. ; Buskirk, Steven W. ; Heyward, Joslin E. ; Dresser, Matthew A. , 2014
Jenkins, Michael J. ; Runyon, Justin B. ; Fettig, Christopher J. ; Page, Wesley G. ; Bentz, Barbara J. , 2014
Bentz, Barbara J. ; Vandygriff, James C. ; Jensen, Camille ; Coleman, Tom ; Maloney, Patricia ; Smith, Sheri ; Grady, Amanda ; Schen-Langenheim, Greta , 2014
Hoeger, Ingrid ; Gleisner, Rolland ; Negron, Jose ; Rojas, Orlando J. ; Zhu, J. Y. , 2014
Mercado, Javier E. ; Hofstetter, Richard W. ; Reboletti, Danielle M. ; Negron, Jose , 2014
Gillette, Nancy E. ; Wood, David L. ; Hines, Sarah J. ; Runyon, Justin B. ; Negron, Jose , 2014

Principal Investigators: 
Forest Service Partners: 
Chris Fettig, Pacific Southwest Research Station (PSW) (co-investigator)

Barbara Bentz, Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS)
Tom Coleman, Pacific Southwest Region, Forest Health
Kenneth Gibson, Northern Region, Forest Health (Retired)
Nancy Gillette, PSW (retired)
Rolland Gleisner, Forest Products Lab (FPL)
Amanda Grady, Southwestern Region, Forest Health
Matt Hansen, RMRS
Sarah Hines, RMRS
Quresh S. Latif, RMRS
John Lundquist, Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW)
Javier Mercado, RMRS
Steve Munson, Interior West Region, Forest Health
Robert Progar, PNW
Danielle M. Reboletti, Interior West Region, Forest Health
Mary M. Rowland, PNW
Justin Runyon, RMRS
Victoria Saab, RMRS
Greta Schen-Langenheim, RMRS
Sheri Smith, Pacific Southwest Region, Forest Health
James Vandygriff, RMRS
JunYong Zhu, FPL
External Partners: 
Steven W. Buskirk, University of Wyoming
Anna D. Chalfoun, USGS Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Matthew A. Dresser, Montana State University
Joslin E. Heyward, University of Wyoming
Ingrid Hoeger, North Carolina State University
Richard W. Hofstetter, Northern Arizona University School of Forestry
Kathryn Hrinkevich, Oregon State University
Michael Jenkins, Utah State University
Camille Jensen, University of California, Davis
Tracey N. Johnson, University of Wyoming
Patricia Maloney, University of California, Davis
Wesley G. Page, Utah State University
Robin Reich, Colorado State University
Orlando J. Rojas, North Carolina State University