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Science You Can Use 2021

Delivering scientific information to those making and influencing land management decisionsImage of the front cover of three Science You Can Use publications from 2019.

The bimonthly Science You Can Use Bulletin and our NEW Science You Can Use (in 5 minutes) are Rocky Mountain Research Station publications providing synthesized scientific information for high-priority management needs. The publications on this page synthesize research conducted by station scientists and collaborators in 2020 and deliver key science findings and management implications to people who make and influence decisions about managing land and natural resources. 

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The bulletin is distributed electronically to resource professionals, partners and collaborators throughout the Intermountain West and beyond.

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Science You Can Use (in 5 minutes) from 2021

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Science You Can Use Bulletins from 2021

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Connected Science from 2021

Four photos of the same prairie during the four seasons

Timing It Right: Maximizing Range Management Effectiveness with PhenoMapDownload

Connected Science

February 2021

PhenoMap is a new web-based tool that managers can use to assess the production and location of high quality forage. It uses satellite imagery to address the need for near-real-time information about plant life cycle events over large spatial areas.