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Climate Change and Assisted Migration


The Climate Change and Assisted Migration search engine allows users to search more than 840 articles discussing assisted migration, climate change, and native plant transfer guidelines by author, title, subject, or keywords. Citations and abstracts are retrievable by author, title, and subject (species, geographic area, etc.). Each search produces a bibliography that matches user specifications. Each citation has an abstract and URL (if available).

Overview and Applicability

Screenshot of the RNGR Assisted Migration Bibliography webpage.
Screenshot of the RNGR Assisted Migration Bibliography webpage.
Literature on plant transfer guidelines as related to genetic studies, nursery operations, seed collection and storage, climate change, and emerging concepts such as assisted migration can be found in this bibliography. It provides a central foundation for collaboration in generating research questions, conducting studies, transferring and acquiring data, expanding studies to key species and geographic regions, and guiding native plant transfer.


User-defined search terms - author, title, and subject (species, geographic area, etc.)


Citations and abstracts for 844 records (as of 31 Jan 2014). The citations are labeled in terms of their content:

  • Justification -  reviews, summaries, opinions, editorials, comments
  • Development -  models, common garden studies, provenance trials, approaches, cultivars
  • Transfer Guideline – seed zones, seed transfer guidelines, recommendations
  • Resource - directories, decision support systems, online tools, databases


Dumroese, Kas. Climate Change and Assisted Migration. Available online at

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