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Tahoe Basin Sediment Model


Tahoe Basin interface is a customized version of Disturbed WEPP that contains Tahoe-specific soils. It predicts not only runoff and erosion, but also delivery of phosphorus and fine sediment, something of particular concern in the Tahoe Basin.

Overview and Applicability

The Disturbed WEPP interface presents the probability of a given level of erosion occurring the year following a disturbance. The Tahoe Basin model allows users to describe disturbed forest and rangeland erosion conditions, including low and high severity burns specific to the Lake Tahoe Basin.

User interface for the Tahoe Basin Sediment Model.
User interface for the Tahoe Basin Sediment Model.


  • Climate
  • Soil texture
  • Treatment/vegetation type
  • Hillslope gradient and length
  • Percentage of cover
  • Percentage of rock


  • Annual sediment delivery with several different return periods
  • Mean annual runoff depth
  • Erosion rates
  • Phosphorous yields
  • Probability of a given amount of erosion occurring during the year following a disturbance


Elliot, William. Tahoe Basin Sediment Model. Available online at

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