Smokejumper Mission

The Mission of the Grangeville Smokejumpers

Speed and flexibility make the Grangeville Smokejumpers uniquely suited for contemporary fire management operations. Since the beginning of the Smokejumper program, the primary mission of smokejumpers has been the rapid deployment of aerial resources for the suppression of wildland fires. As fire management policy has evolved, so has the smokejumper program. Smokejumpers now incorporate the rapid deployment of aerial resources with a highly developed fire management skill set into a program that can support the needs of any ordering unit. This diverse skill set allows the smokejumpers to support and manage fires for a wide range of complexities and management objectives.

As a national resource, the Grangeville Smokejumpers strive to serve the needs of local managers for both fire and non-fire assignments. The Grangeville Smokejumpers are hosted by the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests, but frequently travel throughout the United States to support the requesting unit. During fire season, the smokejumpers are ready to mobilize in a quick and efficient manner and can provide leadership and support for most requests dealing with fire and forest management. In the shoulder seasons, Smokejumpers are often called to work as tree climbers and timber fallers. Other assignments include prescribed fire, hazardous fuels reduction, and timber, wildlife, or fisheries management.