How We Are Modernizing

The FPM Strategic Framework for Long-Term Action outlines a path to better integrate our forest management program with other Forest Service programs and provide employees with tools and support to increase active management of National Forest System lands. We are incorporating feedback and ideas from hundreds of employees and partners to identify how we can improve by:

  • A picture of a piece of heavy logging machinery operating out in the forest, picking up large logs.
    Timber harvest on the Flathead National Forest. USDA Forest Service photo.

    Investing in People through improving recruitment and retention strategies and increasing training and education opportunities for employees

  • Expanding use of new Technology to increase efficiency
  • Improving Business Practices to be more responsive to employee and customer needs
  • Updating Policy to support modernized practices and processes

We will achieve this through innovation and reasonable risk-taking, finding efficient ways to deliver forest products, and sharing stewardship of the land with states, tribes and industry partners.

Continuous innovation over the long term is critical to our agency’s ability to improve conditions of forests and grasslands, provide excellent customer service, enhance recreation opportunities, and inspire and empower employees. Forest Products Modernization is not a strategy with an end date or finish line; it must become part of our culture. This strategy calls on every employee to be an advocate for change and innovation, continually seeking new and better ways to approach their day-to-day work and strengthen relationships with partners to find creative solutions to shared problems.