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Area Flooding Status

Due to area flooding these areas have been affected. Latest updates as of 5/13/19:

  • Turkey Bayou and Big Muddy Boat Launch – Closed
  • Little Grand Canyon Trail – Upper Trail open only; Lower trail has flooding, therefore hiking entire 3 mile loop trail is impossible.
  • North portions of Forest Road #345 (Scatters Rd.) is closed due to flooding. This is as the road leaves north from Winters Pond.
  • Hickory Ridge Road may be closed in places due to high water.
  • Lake Egypt Boat Launch – Washed Out – Please do not use boat launch until repairs have been made.
  • Millstone Bluff Trail – Trail reconstruction is complete, however there is a tree down across the upper boardwalk portion of the trail.  

Be aware that due to spring rains many creeks could be too high to cross and water levels usually stay high until the end of May.


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View an infographic connecting the Forests and carbonManaging carbon in a forest is not the same as managing the forest for carbon. Carbon management is one part of sustainable land management.

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Visit the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail

Get instant, onsite information while touring the forest.You can now get instant, on-site information while touring Shawnee National Forest.

Learn more about the Trail of Tears.Looking for ways to explore history with kids this summer? Consider visiting the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail, just south of Jonesboro.


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